Rania Dalloul was born on January 18, 1973, and is a Lebanese Legal Advisor at the Dalfa Group which was established in 1983 by her father, Fakhri Dalloul, a highly respected businessman. After attending the Pantheon-Assas University in France, Rania obtained her Economics Baccalaureate with honors in 1992, and a year later, she got a DEUG diploma. In 1996, her career kicked off as an intern at the Dupre Law Office where she shadowed the lawyer of President Jacques Chirac. Her studies continued at the Paris-Sorbonne University where she obtained a Degree in International Law; a very demanding course that required her to absorb a lot of information that she has perfected over the years. On top of that, Rania worked extremely hard to be an effective negotiator by developing professional legal skills that have boosted her career to higher levels. Nevertheless, her entire career has been in tune with the Dalfa Group, also known as the Dalloul Family Group. Since 1998, Rania has worked hand in hand with her family to build this company to the point of expanding into new horizons like New York, Dubai, Lagos, and Beirut among other countries.

As an active feminist supporter, she has her mother, Maha Kaddoura to thank for because she set a good example for her. Maha is a successful businesswoman and apart from being the founder a retirement home called Kaddoura Association for Philanthropy, she is a proud member of various institutions including being a board of trustee at the Tufts University. As a mother of seven, Rania has adopted 18 children from India and dedicated herself to helping orphanages in the Middle East, Cambodia, and India. She was among the thousands of women in London who joined the Women’s Match against the president of the US, Donald Trump. Her career may be demanding but Rania is a devoted athlete who enjoys biking, running, swimming, boot camps, TRX, and circuit training among others. She values the benefits of Yoga especially Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga which is followed by a few minutes of meditation. In fact, she has visited India many times for Yoga and Meditation to ensure that her mind is in harmony.

She also loves cooking and her Mediterranean cuisine is mouthwatering and her published cookbook is filled with a taste of her culinary creation. Rania has touched the hearts of many mothers and children internationally and locally. She is a strong woman, an exemplary role model, a mother to all, and a philanthropist through and through.


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