Role of Rania Dalloul in charity

Rania Dalloul has a big heart

Charity is one of the greatest virtues of humanity. Every religion enjoys its followers to engage in charities for the fellow human beings and even to other living beings. Charity means using your energy, resources, money, talent, possessions, or whatsoever, to help people who need them. Many people feel that there is a limited amount of abundance, wealth, or chances to succeed in life. Moreover, there is a solid belief that if one person succeeds, another must fail.

This might be true, in some cases, such as in a small company or school, where management limits opportunity. However, the world is a big place, and there are opportunities created from ideas that help people, and no one gets hurt in the process. Some people look at the world and say, ‘What’s the use? The world is too big for one person to make a difference so why should I even try?’ And then there are those people, shining like beacons in the dark, who look at the world and say, ‘Why not.”

Rania Dalloul Family and Business

Rania Dalloul, a 44-year-old citizen of Lebanon, adds her bit of wisdom to that thought. To some ignorance is bliss. For others, the greatest burden is life in harm’s way.” He doesn’t hesitate to ask, “Where do you draw the line?”

Rania Dalloul isn’t a member of the elite or a wealthy philanthropist. She is a family woman who combines her career with her family. As a professional legal advisor at Dalfa Group with remarkable support for her family, she is an epitome of good human being who works tirelessly for her family. But there’s something else she is — Rania Dalloul is an unsung hero; she’s a beacon in the dark.

In a world that makes the “Me Decade” of the 1970s look like a cake walk, there are individuals giving their all to make the world a better place. They work tirelessly by extending their help to orphanages in India and Cambodia and various institutions in the Middle East. They use their lone voice to educate others about the plight of innocent children left orphaned across the world. They care, and more importantly, they strive endlessly to help others learn to care as well.

Rania Dalloul has always donated a portion of her salary to various charities, and together with her family of seven, adopted 18 children from India. This remarkable trait was said to have been inherited from her mom ‘Maha Kaddoura’ a successful businesswoman and the owner of the Kaddoura Association for Philanthropy as well as a member of several reputable institutes.

Rania Dalloul is not only a Philanthropist, but she is also an active feminist supporter; she was among the groups of women in London who joined the Women’s March against President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Her charity work, sympathy to poor and support to organizations who worked for the underprivileged masses in the world is second to none.

It is easy to become famous, but it is challenging to live on as a renowned personality and live in the hearts of people even after death and to be remembered and revered as a personality.

There are numerous people all over the world who are famous for their actions, their words, their acting or skills. However, the names of only a few people have passed forward on the pages of history to be known as a famous personality.

In such a case, the actions and attributes, behaviors, temperamental as well as mental states can be characterized as the primary reasons that combined result in making of a famous person such as that of Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela. These people took actions and said things that they meant, fearless of the consequences or the governments of their time. Their actions prompted and encouraged other people to take steps for not only their own betterment but also the welfare of those around them; such is the idea of the unsung hero ‘Rania Dalloul’.

Although she is not the much known public face, she has a big heart to help others who are in need. No wonder she continues to share blessings because giving brings her fulfillment.

Giving is not limited to celebrities only. Each one of us can give and make others happy. Charities will always need our help as they do not have the ability to run and be effective without the assistance of others.